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3d laser surveyings

Measures and reliefs with the best tools
Measures and reliefs with the best tools

We perform measurements and measurements with precision tools such as 3D laser scanner, laser tracker and the measuring arm CAM 2 FARO

Accurate data in minutes

Proto Studi makes its technical-scientific support and instrumentation available in order to develop and test methodologies for three-dimensional surveying in various fields such as conservation and restoration, architectural and archaeological heritage and industrial engineering.

Laser scanner for fast, accurate measurements in interior and exterior in three dimensions
Laser scanner for fast, accurate measurements in interior and exterior in three dimensions

Laser scanning is a technology that is increasingly establishing itself for the survey of complex objects and in particular for the documentation of cultural and environmental heritage.

Quantity of data
Quantity of data

The high quantity of data acquired in a short time allows the geometric survey of objects to be carried out with a considerable level of detail and completeness.

Point cloud
Point cloud

The result of a scanning is a very large set of points (called a "point cloud") distributed over the object to be detected, depending on the degree of detail you want to achieve.

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Our equipment

Cutting-edge surveying technologies are seamlessly integrated into our operational workflow. Yet, the true essence of our work lies within our team of enthusiastic experts.

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Common applications of 3D laser scanner

We can scan large objects up to 330 meters away, in direct sunlight. With its integrated GPS receiver, the laser scanner is able to correlate individual scans in post-processing.

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As-Built survey

As-built surveys using laser scanner technology generate detailed point clouds that allow 3D modeling for various purposes such as, for example, the reconstruction of buildings, the configuration of systems and the advanced presentation of data in a more realistic way. With fast scanning times of buildings and environments, the 3D laser scanner can provide CAD models for various industries. Architectural design, civil engineering, construction, facility management and the protection of cultural heritage benefit immensely from 3D solutions.
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Planimetric check

The 3D Laser Scanner can provide detailed 3D models to accurately document entire structures and related assets, such as electrical components, machinery and pipes. The scan data can be used for building management, detection of inconsistencies in case of retrofits, as-built documentation for CAD modeling and other plant design activities, as well as planimetric and volumetric verification against cadastral data.

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Dimensional check

Already from the first post-processing it is possible to carry out direct measurements on the scanned objects. In addition to the measurement between two generic points, it is possible to detect, for example, the inclination between the wall and the floor or between two generic planes, having direct and realistic control over the measured objects.

volumetric verification
// Laser scanner

Volumetric verification

Another particular application of laser scanning that we are able to offer is the volumetric detection of both excavations and fills of more or less coarse and varied materials such as, for example, sand, gravel, wood and steel processing chips, etc. . The accuracy of the data obtained is almost absolute and is accompanied by a three-dimensional view of the detected area.

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We challenge the major technical and returning to provide the customer with exactly what it needs.

Our company adapts to the consolidated design needs of customers, being able to use the major two/three-dimensional design programs. In today’s ever-changing world, keeping up to date with new technologies and innovative working methods has become a necessity to keep up with the best companies. And this is precisely what Proto Studi does, it constantly improves in the pursuit of its mission.

3D scanning of any object

All objects can be scanned and reproduced in 3D in a short time faithfully and with an accuracy of 1/10 mm. During the design phase the evaluations will already be created in an optimal way. Each scanned object can be reproduced with infinite color proofs. It will no longer be necessary to create product photography sets. The object will be displayed in 360°.

The overall vision

The possibility of creating internal and external scans of a building allows you to have, in the post-processing phase, a realistic and detailed overview of the actual state of the scanned object. The possibility of generating orthophotos according to any plane or even the entire scan enriches the wide range of applications of the 3D laser scanner.

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Dimensional tests

Through highly accurate and reliable tool, Laser Tracker, we carry out metrological surveys and audits of geometric specifications ensuring the customer the conformity of its products.

The possibility to perform centesimal measurements, together with the precise comparison with the 3D model of what is being analyzed, the speed in making alignments of machines and the integration with other tools such as laser scanner or structured light scanner, make this tool a valid and reliable device for surveys in various fields, ensuring quick times in the execution of on site jobs.

Scan created by Protostudi Srl for Sedia Elite

Sedia Elite

// Rendering

3d scan for
rendering application

Photorealistic Rendering allows you to re-create an environment in virtual reality, together with all the elements present within it. The difficulty of this work lies precisely in making objects “real” within a space, especially if they are artefacts with a shiny or glass surface.