Protostudi s.r.l.s. is the trusted studio that will accompany you in all phases of project implementation and development, adapting to your company standards.



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We perform scans
and 3D scanner surveys

The Protostudi S.r.l.s. It is the trusted company that will accompany you in all phases of realization and development of the project, adapting to your company standards. What characterizes Protostudi is the propensity to innovate by exploiting cutting-edge technologies to better satisfy the increasingly pressing need for speed and accuracy in the reliefs of existing sites and artifacts and tests in the context of precision mechanics.

Measurements and surveys with the best tools
Measurements and surveys with the best tools

We carry out measurements and surveys with precision instruments such as: 3D Laser Scanner, Laser Tracker and FARO FARO measuring arm

Accurate data <br>in minutes
Accurate data
in minutes

We offer technical-scientific support and our instrumentation in order to develop and test methodologies for three-dimensional surveying.


Experts in design
and 3D modeling

3D design and modeling
Design, 3D modeling, FEM analysis. In today's ever-changing world, keeping up to date with new technologies and innovative working methods has become a necessity to keep up with the best companies.
3D measurement and surveying
3D measurement and surveying
The laser scanner can scan large objects up to 130 meters away, in direct sunlight. With its integrated GPS receiver it is also able to correlate individual scans in post-processing with maps already on the market.
dimensional testing
Through the Laser Tracker, a highly accurate and reliable instrument, we carry out metrological surveys and checks of geometric specifications, ensuring the customer the conformity of his products.
The potential of drones for 3D scanning and realistic rendering
The potential of drones for 3D scanning and realistic rendering
Photorealistic Rendering allows you to re-create an environment in virtual reality, together with all the elements present within it. The difficulty of this work lies precisely in making objects "real" within a space.
Countries in the world

We follow companies of all sizes, specialized in different market areas and present all over the world.


The positive feedback we receive are the testimony of our commitment to quality and excellence in the service.


From design
to the finished product

3D modeling
3D modeling

Part and assembly modeling 3D modeling allows you to generate individual parts and compose them into the final assembly, formalizing the required connections (bolted, welded, etc.), generating the lists and regenerating them with any changes made to the drawings, keeping track of all the revisions.

3D laser surveys and measurements
3D laser surveys and measurements

It is possible to superimpose the scanned model on the floor plan to have an immediate view of the proportions. The 3D Laser Scanner can provide detailed 3D models to accurately document entire structures and related assets, such as electrical components, machinery and pipes.

As - built survey
As - built survey

With fast scanning times of buildings and environments, the 3D laser scanner can provide CAD models for various industries As-built surveys generate detailed point clouds that enable 3D modeling for various purposes such as building reconstruction, plant configuration and advanced data presentation in a more realistic manner.

Design & "CE" Marking
Design & "CE" Marking

We verify existing structures to certify them according to today's regulations The drafting of the certification allows Proto Studi to offer itself as an added value to all companies that do not wish to or cannot manage the project with their own internal staff.

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Choose to innovate with us

Proto Studi has chosen to constantly update himself, with new technologies and new methods of action. With the 3D architectural survey you can improve the quality of your work.


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We follow companies of all sizes, specialized in different market areas and present all over the world. We propose ourselves as a reference point for companies that need a partner for the deevelopment and implementation of individual parts or entire projects, with particular reference to the maintenance of quality standards required by international regulations for the costruction of artifacts more or less complex.